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Who is tupac shakur dating

She defended her father as paving the way for artists like Tupac to even have a forum.

She also took the late rapper to task for his “ignorance and lack of respect for his people” and accused him of “destroying his race.” Somehow, someway, following this exchange, Pac met Kidada, became her boyfriend, and was able to make amends with both Rashida, and Quincy himself, becoming a valued friend.

In his music, he frequently spoke out about issues such as poverty, discrimination and racism.

In fact, his parents were members of the Black Panthers, and this background in activism leaked through to Tupac’s music and into the rest of his life.

Since his tragic death 18 years ago today on September 13, 1996 (yes, he died on the anniversary of Biggie's ), friends, fans, spectators and even those involved in the case have challenged whether Tupac Amaru Shakur actually died after being gunned down seven days prior.

Eighteen years is a long time to hold out hope for anything, but don’t tell that to diehard 2Pac fans.Hit 'Em Up singer Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996 and died age 25. died 20 years ago Thursday after being shot multiple times while riding in a GMC Suburban SUV following a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.Wallace was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles six months later at age 24. His double-disc second album Life After Death was released 16 days after his slaying and reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart.Or is he cooling in Cuba rocking cornrows and tossing back double cups of Thug’s Passion?Most conspiracy theorist and go-hard Makaveli fans will say it’s something closer to the latter.

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Not to mention that Pac directed his venom not only at Quincy Jones, but his innocent childen, including Rashida.

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