Who is grady sizemore dating

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Who is grady sizemore dating

Sizemore told The Plain Dealer on Sunday night that the pictures were intended for his girlfriend, but were stolen from an e-mail.

Sizemore is reportedly dating Brittany Binger, a former Playboy Playmate.

He drew attention not only for his strong play, but also for his good looks.

Back in his prime, Cleveland’s Jacobs Field would be home to legions of adoring female fans, many of whom wore “Mrs.

The images of the Cleveland Indians outfielder were widely distributed on the Internet following the August 2009 online incursions.

According to a criminal complaint, Leah Ayers, a 19-year-old St.

Sizemore” shirts or brought signs asking Grady for a date (and often a lot more.)So how did Sizemore end up on the Phillies in the first place?

Due to a series of injuries, Sizemore struggled greatly towards the end of the decade.

The series of 15 racy images had previously been sent by the 28-year-old athlete to Binger, 23. The court complaint charges that a forensic analysis of Ayers’s laptop found evidence that the computer was used to access Binger’s e-mail account, and that access “was gained by answering two security questions with regard to [Binger’s] father or her first car, or entering a password.” Binger and Sizemore are only identified in court documents by their initials.In part, MLB's e-mail to the Web site said, "The photos posted in the article cited below are the property of Grady Sizemore. We've begun an investigation and request that you immediately remove Mr.Sizemore's property from the posting." The Indians released a statement today saying, "We fully support Grady as he deals with this personal matter.Grady Sizemore, the once-great outfielder of the Cleveland Indians, got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Playboy Playmate (June 2007) Brittany Binger over the holidays. Binger is a sports fan, and her future husband is a baseball player who made .6 million in 2011. I enjoyed the delicate piano music in this Binger video.Their babies will be photogenic and tall (he’s 6-2, she’s 5-7).

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