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London changed almost unimaginably during this period.

At the start, it still had areas medieval Londoners would recognise.

Since then, hundreds of Georgians have poured onto social media sites to alternately defend and assail the practice.

And on July 30, a group of Georgian women gathered outside the forensics bureau to stage a noisy protest.

"This psychological terror is the worst way to destroy someone without bullets," Grigolia told RFE/RL.

"The country is in panic, we are on standby waiting for these videos to be published.

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But this isn't The Simpsons – it's The Samsonadzes.

Brainchild of a celebrated local film-maker, The Samsonadzes burst onto Georgian television screens a few weeks ago, bearing more than a passing resemblance to their more famous American counterparts.

Gela Samsonadze, the Homer Simpson figure, works in a Georgian bank, and each week the programme covers his escapades at work and at home with the family.

Her debut book is jam-packed with unusual insights and facts about Georgian London, but there's also her approach to herself and her work.

This is a historian whose website reads "Lucy Inglis, as in Pringles" and whose historical survey of the capital's streets and their inhabitants between 17 started as a blog.

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"We have tried to make the programme relevant to Georgian reality and touch on social issues that will resonate with a Georgian audience." The Samsonadzes will occasionally, like The Simpsons, feature real-life characters, although Mr Ramishvili said there were no plans to introduce the controversial Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili.

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