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Once we begin to become aware of our own needs and wants, then we know what's important to us and what's not.

But if I hear him suggest that women wait 90 days before “giving” sex to a man again, I might have to lure him to Girl Boner Central for a chat. (Harvey also calls women’s hugs, kisses and dressing up “payment.”) 4.

As his talk show continues to gain success, having recently kicked off a new season, I felt compelled to weigh in.

Before I do, I should say that Harvey seems like a likable guy.

For good reason: that show held the reins of the cultural juggernaut for about a decade, influencing, reacting to, and commenting on popular culture trends once a night every week.

(There was the “Rachel” hairstyle, the “we were on a break” expression, the Rembrandts’ theme song, Chandler’s unique enunciations, etc.) This show crystallized a certain subset of the New York demographic on their specific, golden-washed experiences (read: beautiful, white, upper middle class, highly unrealistic, utopic).

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Falling in love with Rachel might’ve been acceptable, if only Joey had kept his feelings in the realm of fantasy and what-ifs.

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