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I stumbled across Eurotrash when I was 10, and it was the freakiest but most informative display of on screen sex I had ever encountered. The confusing bit in Pride And Prejudice where Mr Bennet claims Mr Wickham ‘makes love to us all’, Meg Ryan, pissed in a nightie in When A Man Loves A Woman and a picture I had seen in a book about the sixties where two debutantes at a society ball were drinking dainty cups of tea and smiling blandly at each other’s massive, pendulous tits.) Eurotrash was my sexy Rosetta Stone.

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I tested this on the i Phone, i Phone Retina, i Pad, and i Pad Retina.

The tricky part was the i Pad landscape image is really a portrait image of a different size than the i Pad portrait image and the text and logos turned 90 degrees( look at the sample images to see what i am talking about).

माने जब भारत की पुनीत पावन धरती पर इस प्रथा का पदार्पण हुआ था.

फोन लाइन में उस तरफ दीप्ति, सोनाली, सुनीता कोई भी हो सकती थी. लेकिन संस्कृति वाले देश में ये ‘अश्लील हरकतें’ पचाना मुश्किल हो रहा था.


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