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Sex chat without java script

Turns out we can take advantage of the History API to do that quite easily.

Every few seconds, the page would flash to refresh with possibly new content.

Onsite training may be an option depending on company location and availability.if old_id and old_id == db.get('id'): pubsub = db.pubsub() pubsub.subscribe('updates') pubsub.listen().next() return class Page Handler(Mustache Rendering): # The route is specified elsewhere, but this method will be called # when there is a vanilla HTTP GET for the page.context = gevent.timeout.with_timeout(30, get_page_content, old_id) return self.render_template('page', **context) except gevent.timeout.It even works in Internet Explorer 4, emulated with Sheep Shaver.Sorry.) To be fair, the backend could have been built in Java Script using Node, instead of Python using Brubeck.

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It's the streaming server used by sites like Live Stream, Justin TV.

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