Dating a guy with a son

Posted by / 16-Aug-2016 04:38

They are called personal preferences for a reason and we don’t need the approval of anyone else when it comes to what we like.

I’m not looking for a father for my daughter (she’s got one of those already), I’m just looking for a partner for me.But I am wondering whether he will ever get more involved with the two most precious people to me…my children!Little encounters here and there but nothing to get excited about.In other words, if you’re still in the “dating just to date” phase of your life, involving a woman with a child is probably not the type of relationship you should engage in because your actions will more than likely impact the lives of two people — the woman and the child.While the age of the child plays a factor, if you’re not looking for anything serious, you shouldn’t play the “I’ll figure it out” game with a ready-made family.

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I went out with a girlfriend in Montclair, NJ, to a fun place called Just Jakes. It was a little deceiving, sure, but I thought telling the guys I was a single mom would influence their answers—and I wanted raw thoughts.