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Antidating ru

If so, his presumed date can be conjectured from the fact that these list him after *Demetrius (fl. Of Philo's lengthy epic of 14 (or four) books, only three fragments consisting of a total of only 24 lines survive.About half of the lines are unintelligible, either because of faulty transmission of the text or because of the author's own obscurity.Locus is a convenient one-word term for what is also known as head/dependent marking.

Located in the Donets Basin, Luhansk developed into an important industrial center of Eastern Europe, particularly as a home to the major locomotive-building company Luhanskteplovoz.But Gutmann's own interpretation of the first four lines as a statement of the Torah's antedating the creation of the world has been questioned.The remaining six lines of Fragment depicts the remarkable fountains that watered Jerusalem. It also had a pendulum seat as a stabilising device. On a full power trial in its shed it broke loose, and smashed itself against the roof. On 28th June, 1908, it won the prize at Kiel for the first flight in Germany (distance, 47 m.) It was a tractor biplane with a revolving Ellehammer motor. The planes were placed well above the body, giving the pilot a very clear uninterrupted view. In 1909 extraordinary claims were made for this machine and great things expected.

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On 25th July, 1909, Bleriot made the first Cross-Channel flight in the machine illustrated below.

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